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Andre Kostelanez - August 20, 1944

January 26th, 2019

We’re counting down the last few weeks of this season of blog postings - we have only four weeks left in our posts for this round of posts.  Next week, a true rarity - an obscure Western kids adventure show with a female star and the start of an absolutely pristine short run of some World War II propaganda programs written by Norman Corwin.

Kicking off the blog this week, some light music from Andre Kostelanez’s popular Sunday afternoon program on CBS.

In this post, we hear the broadcast of August 20, 1944, as it was heard on the Armed Forces Radio Network as program 75 in the series.  Eleanor Steber and David Ross are heard on the broadcast.  This week’s show has songs selected by listeners.  The numbers include “Dancing in the Dark” and “Smilin’ Through”.

Our show was transferred from an original 16” vinyl Armed Forces Radio transcription.  The date is from the disc matrix.

Many thanks to blog listener William Harris for his donation of the disc to the collection!

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