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Arthur Godfrey Time - Pgm 2586TH

August 8th, 2010

When we talk about the "death" of old time radio, it sometimes leaves an impression that overnight everyone was on the air playing rock and roll records.  But, many old time radio personalities maintained healthy careers in network radio long after Alan Freed's "Rock and Roll Dance Party".

A case in point is Arthur Godfrey.  From 1966 or 1967, we hear an episode of "Arthur Godfrey Time", as it was rebroadcast as program 2586TH in the series on the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service.

transcription label

Godrey's show, heard daily on CBS, was a mix of celebrity interviews, light chat, and in-studio performances.  In this show, the special guest is Don Ho.  The first tune is "My Ukelele", performed by Godfrey, and we also hear Godrey's rock n' roll take on "I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover".  Don Ho and his group give us a couple of tunes as well and tell us about their current work.

The show was transferred from an original microgroove 12" AFRTS vinyl transcription.

Many thanks to Michael Utz for donating the disc to my collection.  We'll hear the next show in the series, with more from Don Ho, next week on the blog.

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