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Arthur Godfrey Time - Pgm 2587FR

August 12th, 2010

Following up on our post last week, here's another episode of "Arthur Godfrey Time", the old redhead's morning talk and variety show heard on CBS.

Program 2587FR of the series as heard on the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service features guest Don Ho.  Godfrey kicks off the show with his own version of the Lovin' Spoonful's "Daydream" and, later in the show, Don Ho and Godfrey do a duet on "Tiny Bubbles".

transcription label

After the post last week, Thom Whetston wrote in to note that there's a code on the label that tells us the approximate date of the show.  The "39-7" number indicates it shipped out from AFRTS week 39 of 1967; looking at the week number based on the fiscal year starting in October, he estimates that the shows date from June 1967, allowing for a couple of weeks to master and press the disc from the original broadcast date.

The show was transferred from an original 12" vinyl microgroove AFRTS transcription.

Many thanks to Michael Utz for his donation of the disc to the collection!

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