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As Told by Jim Tully - Jack Dempsey

November 10th, 2018

Last week, we heard a fifteen minute show adapted from Jim Tully’s popular book on his years “riding the rails” and learned about Tully’s later work in Hollywood as a columnist.

This week, a set of three five minute shows from the same time period by Tully.  In these, we hear from Tully himself, telling stories about his friends in Hollywood.

The first show on the disc has Tully telling us about prizefighter Jack Dempsey, “one of the finest fellows I’ve ever known” and talks about the personal side of the night of the Tunny fight.

I haven’t found anything else about this program; it may just be an audition disc for a series that never went into syndication.  Based on the internal references, I’m guessing it dates from around 1937.

Our show, along with the next two episodes, were transferred direct from a shellac 16” Hollywood Recorders transcription, matrix number HR 1006.

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