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Basketball - Canton vs Central Catholic - January 1948 - excerpts

February 9th, 2017

 We continue our look at some rare local previously lost radio programming transferred from a set of “throw away” lacquers that originally came from WHBC in Canton, Ohio.

This post features a half-hour excerpt of a local high school basketball game between Canton Township Wildcats and Central Catholic.  You’ll hear the opening of the game - part one of the set - and then part five, near the very end of the game.  It was a very close match-up and, unfortunately, we don’t have part six with the last few minutes of the game to find out who won.  Jim Monte Jim Muzzy does the play by play and the game is sponsored by Sugardale meats, which still doing business in Ohio.

Programming of this type is quite rare - I can’t recall another local high school basketball game floating around among old time radio collectors, but there may be some other excerpts that exist.  I imagine that most local high school and college sports events were aired live - this one only survives because it was presented transcribed.

Our mp3 was transferred from two Audiodisc sixteen lacquers.  The grease pencil writing on the disc is a little obscured - the date looks like sometime January 1948.  Someone could probably track down the specific date and the final score in a local Canton newspaper archives.


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