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Behind the Scenes in Hollywood - Series A Pgm 6

January 17th, 2011

Now, another episode of "Behind the Scenes in Hollywood", an obscure, but fascinating syndicated forties show with news and tidbits from the Hollywood studios, hosted by Bidwell McCormick, who worked in RKO's publicity department.

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Program 6 of Series A has some interesting news and features.  We hear about getting difficult shots in movies with stories from the set of a Douglas Sirk picture.  In studio news, Warners has announced they're planning production of "The Fountainhead" starring Humphrey Bogart and Barbara Stanwyck.  (The film would eventually star Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal).  John Ford's "They Were Expendable" is due to begin production before the end of the month.  And this week's personality profile is devoted to the story of Walt Disney's career.

The show was digitized direct from an original vinyl transcription, probably pressed by Allied in Hollywood.

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