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Behind the Scenes in Hollywood - Series A Pgm 7

February 1st, 2011

Here's the next entry in our previously lost series about the inner workings of Tinseltown, Bidwell McCormick's "Behind the Scenes in Hollywood".

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In program 7 of series A, we learn how the "little people" behind the scenes are responsible for the success of motion pictures with a feature that focuses on the designers and architects that make the backgrounds for films and the story of a ladies purse in "The Lost Weekend".  In studio news, "dusky" star Lena Horne has landed a lead role in the new Abbott and Costello comedy, "A Close Shave".  Judy Garland gets a new dressing room as she starts filming "The Harvey Girls" at MGM.  This week's personality profiles are of Bob Milash, an actor who has just appeared in his 2,515th film and began his work with Edison and a female casting director, a rarity in Hollywood.

The show was dubbed direct from an original vinyl transcription pressed by Allied.

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