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Bing Crosby Show - March 12, 1953

April 28th, 2009

This week, we turn back to Bing Crosby's show for General Electric, originally broadcast on CBS.  The program of March 12, 1953 features guest Jimmy Stewart.

transcription label

In the show, Bing sings a swingin' version of "Jeepers Creepers" as the first tune, then a big chunk of the program is taken up by banter and an extended comedy sketch/GE commercial with Jimmy talking about being on Jack Benny's television program and then shopping for a General Electric washer for his wife.

The program was transferred from an original Radio Recorders laquer transcription set.  These are a group of KCBS/KCBS-FM, San Francisco, airchecks that I obtained recently of Bing's show.  At the opening, you'll hear the station ID and a bit of a fun singing Burgermeister Beer commercial.

More Bing pitching for GE in the coming weeks in the blog.

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