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Canary Pet Show - Pgm E1

June 15th, 2017

This week, we hear two previously lost episodes of "The Canary Pet Show".  I mentioned they were special - you won’t believe your ears as you hear Mike Wallace hosting the program.

Yes, _that_ Mike Wallace - the CBS reporter that was a fixture on “60 Minutes” for so many years and who made a name for himself with the controversial “Mike Wallace Interview”.  I’m guessing this show dates from the mid to late 1940s when Mike Wallace was working in Chicago, since the program was recorded there.  Several radio shows survive from Wallace’s early radio work.  Now, we can add this previously lost episode to the list.

The first song on program E1 is “The Night is Young and You’re So Beautiful”.  We hear Ernie Neff on organ and David Baum “with his romantic violin”.  Mike introduces a little sketch commercial for Hartz Mountain Food for Birds and does a pitch for Hartz Dog Yummies.  They’re made without sugar!

In our next post, the next episode in the series, once again featuring Mike Wallace as host.

Our mp3 was transferred from an original 16” bright red vinyl United Broadcasting Co., 301 East Erie St, Chicago, transcription.  In the runoff area, there’s a notation for “Hartz Mountain Canary - 3E” and the matrix number, UB-50-951-xx.  (I guess they put the wrong show number on the label.)  The program was produced by George H. Hartman Co, Chicago.

Again, I want to give my deepest thanks to Jerry Heandiges and David Lennick for their gift of these previously lost shows to my collection.



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