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Canary Pet Show - Pgm E2

June 15th, 2017

Now, my final episode of the Hartz Mountain pet products program, “The Canary Pet Show”.  Once again, the announcer is Mike Wallace, later famous for his work as a reporter for CBS News.  We heard another episode from the other side of the disc in our last post.

The first song on program E2 is the Gershwin classic, “S’Wonderful”.  Once again, we enjoy Ernie Neff on the console and David Baum “with his romantic violin”.  Mike pitches Master Canary Seed - strengthens throat muscles for brighter songs! - and there’s another little sketch commercial for Hartz Mountain Condition Food for Birds.  Mike also does the commercial for the full range of Hartz Mountain foods and Doggie Yummies with a special singing and yodeling jingle.

Our program was transferred from an original 16” bright red vinyl United Broadcasting Co., 301 East Erie St, Chicago, transcription.  In the runoff area, there’s a notation for “Hartz Mountain Canary - 4E” and the matrix number, UB-50-952-xx.  (Once again, the label has the wrong show number on it.)  The program was produced by George H. Hartman Co, Chicago.

Again, I want to express my deepest appreciate to Jerry Heandiges and David Lennick for their gift of these previously lost discs to my collection.

Original transcriptions of the “Canary Pet Show” have been a holy grail for me since I started collecting discs many years ago.  I guess I can stop collecting now, since there’s absolutely nothing that could top this!

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