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Christmas Seals 1951 - Fibber McGee and Molly

December 20th, 2008

Note:  This program has been removed from my site, as of August 21, 2010.  Recently, Radio Spirits has issued take-down notices to archive.org and other sites concerning claims they have on particular series and shows.  These claims not only include exclusive license for particular series, but also claims on images, likenesses and recordings of particular personalities.  Since Radio Spirits doesn't publicly provide a list of shows they license or estates they represent, I'm taking preventive action and removing some programs from my site, based on forum posts and archived news articles I've seen on their claims and the estates they say they represent. - rand

Last week, we heard the Jack Smith-Margaret Whiting Show for Christmas Seals.  Now, let's flip over the disc and pay a visit to Wistful Vista with a Christmas themed "Fibber McGee and Molly".

transcription label

In this episode, Fibber tries to get out of shoveling snow and gets a visit from Doc Gamble, the Old Timer, and a traveling salesman.  In checking a log at otrsite.com, I found an episode called "Shoveling Snow" broadcast December 26, 1950 and the program is available at archive.org.  It sounds like the same recording, skillfully edited for a 15 minute format.  And you thought they didn't have reruns in the days of live radio.

As I mentioned in the Margaret Whiting post, the "Style A" on the label indicates this is a 15 minute show; I've seen Christmas Seals programs where "Style A" was a fifteen minute show and "Style B" was a thirty minute show by the same artist.  Anyone have a "Style B" version of this show?

The program was transferred from an original vinyl transcription pressed by RCA, matrix number NE1-MM-8137.

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