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Civilian Defense - “Of Interest to the Enemy”

May 6th, 2017

In recent weeks, I’ve posted some shows from a previously overlooked World War II series, “Yankee Doodle”, produced by the Office of Civilian Defense to encourage people to support the war effort on the home front.  This week, we kick off a few individual shows, not part of a series, from the same batch of discs.

“Of Interest to the Enemy”, is a fifteen minute drama about Larry Crane, “told by the man who wrote his obituary”.  The editor of a small-town newspaper talks with different people in the town about the loss of one of their own who died fighting in the Pacific.  It prompts the editor to write an editorial about the “Block Plan”, to coordinate neighbors for civilian defense.  The show was written by Pauline Gibson and directed by William Rousseau.

Our mp3 was transferred direct from an original sixteen inch vinyl OWI transcription, matrix number G-1995.

We’ll have a few more shows in this series in the following weeks.


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