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Coleman Cox - Pgm 11

February 15th, 2019

In this post and the next, two shows in an odd little series of syndicated five minute programs by “Coleman Cox”.

My research hasn’t turned up much about Cox, except that he was an author from California that published in the 1920s.  At JJ’s radio logs site, he pops up in the 1934-35 New York Times and Los Angeles radio listings.  On WJZ, he was listed as a “Philosopher”.

And that appears to be what Coleman Cox is doing here in program 11.  After the show introduction, describing Cox as “the kindly philosopher who smiles as he talks”, Cox offers little bits of wisdom, such as “You’re well dressed when no-one can remember anything you’re wearing”.  Each little bit is separated by a bell.  Oddly, the theme song is “Jingle Bells”.  The announcer sounds like Hal Dean, heard on the Curtis Springer transcriptions I posted on the blog awhile back.

Our mp3 was directly digitized from a ten inch MacGregor & Sollie Recording Laboratories laminated 33 1/3 rpm disc pressed by Columbia, matrix number MS-1311.  The disc plays from inside-out.

In the next post - the other side of the disc.

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