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Curtis Springer for Acidine - Pgm 4

March 4th, 2017

Here’s another episode of an early series from “the King of the Quacks”, Curtis H. Springer.  You can read more about Springer and the series in my original post about the program.

In program 4, Springer answers a letter from a listener who has a spouse that isn’t supportive of their career and his commentary deals with people who “drag their feet” with no “ambition”.  The show is sponsored by Acidine, “nature’s acid reducer”.  The announcer is Hal Deen.  It was probably syndicated in 1934.

The program was transferred directly from an original single-sided translucent blue celluloid Brunswick transcription, matrix number 9152, manufactured by Flexo.  The “whooshing” sounds you hear in the recording are a result of these experimental plastic records distorting over the years.

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