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Early Television clips

July 24th, 2010

We don't talk much about that young upstart - television - on the blog, but I thought you might be interested in what the boys in the research and development department have been up to.

The Paley Center has online a very early attempt at creating a kinescope.  It's a silent reel of clips from a 1939 live drama, "The Streets of New York, broadcast by WNBT.  A very young Lloyd Nolan is featured in the cast.

This is probably one of NBC's tests of how to record a broadcast for later viewing.  Someone posted a curious film from NBC demonstrating how kinescope technology had advanced by 1939 - that film includes a clip from a 1938 television broadcast, comparing it to kinescopes created in 1946 and the present day.

Think anything will come of this television business?

You might also want to check out a clip I found on YouTube of a color lenticular kinescope excerpt from Ernie Kovac's 1956 "Silent Show" and the 1958 dedication of a Washington, DC television station, the earliest color videotape to survive, streaming in it's full original 30 minute running time on Veoh.

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