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Elmer Peterson and the News - August 13, 1947

November 22nd, 2008

Lets take a pause to catch up on the news.

Newscasts are something that don't seem to get much attention from old time radio collectors and listeners except for network coverage of major events of World War II.  It's instructive to give a listen to an everyday newscast from the period to get an idea of how styles of delivering the news have changed and the types of concerns on the people's minds at the time.

In this August 13, 1947 newscast by Elmer Peterson, sponsored by Planter's Nuts, the news stories include a summit in Brazil that was being held to consider aid to Latin and South American countries after the War and conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians.  There's also a short item on the World Boy Scout Jamboree and how it can help overcome political differences between countries.

The show was transferred from an original acetate line check recording from an unidentified NBC affiliate.

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