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Favorite Story - Pgm 61

September 13th, 2009

Once in a while when going through old transcriptions, you find a little gem - something that surprises you and has an interesting backstory.

We pay another visit to Ronald Coleman hosting the late 1940s syndicated Ziv series, "Favorite Story", this week presenting a story that was originally a radio play.  It's Program 61 in the series, "Inside a Kid's Head", the favorite story of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

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The play was written by Jerome Lawrence Schwartz and Robert Edwin Lee.  In fact, it was the first play they wrote together after forming a partnership in 1942.  "The Columbia Encyclopedia of Modern Drama" notes that a few years later, they would become two of the founders of Armed Forces Radio, creating programs for the network such as "Mail Call" and producing programming for events like V-J Day.  After the War, they continued working together, writing for the stage.  You might have heard of one of their more successful little plays - "Inherit the Wind".

"Inside a Kid's Head" is an imagatnitive and fun little tour through the life of a ten year old boy.  The cast includes many old time radio favorites such as Hans Conreid.

The show was transferred from an original Ziv red vinyl transcription set.  The show may be previously uncirculated or uncommon among otr collectors.

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