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Federal Housing Administration - 5 Minute Programs and Announcements

April 8th, 2017

Previously on the blog, I posted a fifteen minute show promoting the Federal Housing Administration, founded as part of Roosevelt’s New Deal policies during the Great Depression and designed to offer affordable, government-backed home loans through local banks.  In this post, another disc from the agency.

This is a collection of shorter programming elements that could be used by a local station for spot announcements or short programming fillers.  One side contains a collection of five minute programs that are little dramatized sketches about couples that could take advantage of FHA loans; the other side consists of one minute announcements in a similar style.  The disc probably dates from early in the agency’s existence, around 1934 or ’35.

In the mp3 file, you’ll first hear the five minute shows and then the one minute announcements from the other side of the disc.  The digital file was dubbed direct from an RCA-NBC Orthacoustic transcription disc, matrix numbers 047458-1 and 047454-1.


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