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Fishing and Hunting Club - August 2, 1949 - Part 1

March 4th, 2017

Here’s the final post I have from the obscure Mutual series “Your Fishing and Hunting Club”.  You can read more about the program in my original post about the series.

In the episode of August 2, 1949, the panel takes on topics including methods for preparing fish, what kind of a fly line is best for casting a bass bug, differences between different kinds of shot, and how to break a hound from eating rabbits.  The program was sponsored by Mail Pouch tobacco, who offered prizes to listeners that sent in questions used on the program.  Featured on the program are author Dave Newell, Jim Hurley from the NY Daily News, hunter and fisherman Gail Borden, sportsman Jeff Bryant, and moderator Bill Slater.Your announcer is Bud Collier.

This mp3 was dubbed from an original 16” Audiodisc lacquer from WHBC in Canton, Ohio, probably created to time-shift the program on the station’s schedule.  Only the first fifteen minutes survive of this previously lost program.

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