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Fishing and Hunting Club - June 28, 1949

January 12th, 2017

In this post, the first in a group of several network line checks from a radio station in Akron, Ohio, apparently recorded for time shifting purposes.

“Your Fishing and Hunting Club of the Air” is an obscure series that ran on Mutual in the late 40s and early 50s, sponsored by Mail Pouch tobacco.  The idea behind the show is that listeners send in postcards with questions about hunting and fishing and, if they’re answered on the air by the panel of experts, the listener gets some prizes related to the sport.

This episode includes questions about casting fishing lines, the effect of wind on lead shot, and how large minnows grow.  The panel includes Florida author Dave M. Newell, Jim Hurly of the "NY Daily Mirror", Gail(?) Borden, Jeff Bryant and the host, Bill Slater.  The announcer for the show is Bud Collyer, apparently in between assignments from the “Daily Planet” in his role as radio’s Superman.

The show was transferred to mp3 direct from a 16” Audiodisc lacquer recorded at WHBC, Akron, Ohio.  It includes the Mutual id at the end of the program.

I’ll have parts of more “Fishing and Hunting Club” episodes and other Mutual and ABC shows recorded by this station, as well as some local programming, in future posts.

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