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For Your Consideration - Pgm 3 - November 9, 1941

March 11th, 2017

Here’s another little local show from WHBC in Canton, Ohio.  I’ve been posting several transcriptions over the past few week from the station that came in a batch of “throwaway” discs that I got from a collector a couple of years ago.

“For Your Consideration” is an odd little program consisting of light music by a small group that sounds like it is played live in the studio for half the show, with the other half a commentary by an unidentified speaker.  Program 3 in the series, broadcast November 9, 1941, deals with the commentator picking up a college-student hitchhiker and ideas around personal convictions, being idealistic versus being pragmatic, and what the future holds for youth that will be our leaders tomorrow.

The series was sponsored by the Timken Company, still doing business in Ohio, and heard Sundays and 1:00 pm.  The show seems to have been carried on a regional radio network, the Ohio Broadcasting Company.  The end of the transcription includes a station id for WHBC in Canton and a time check.

The show was transferred from an original 16” Audiodisc lacquer.

I have one other show, program four, from this series I’ll post in a few weeks.  It’s interesting to hear a program like this broadcast just a month before Pearl Harbor.