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Front Page Drama - Pgm 143, January 18, 1936

June 20th, 2008

Here's another episode of a long-running fifteen minute dramatic series, "Front Page Drama", syndicated by Hearst Newspapers and featuring dramatizations of stories appearing in the "American Weekly" newspaper supplement. In this episode, "Conqueror's Son", the setting is Vienna in 1832 and the story deals with mixed identities and intrigue in a royal court. The program, number 143, was syndicated for broadcast on January 18, 1936.

The program was dubbed directly from an RCA Victrolac pressing, matrix number MS98586. This is one of four discs in this series, also containing episodes of "Jungle Jim", that I picked up from an antiques dealer; the discs included the original shipping containers where they were sent to a radio station in Prescott, Arizona in 1936. One also included an original steel "Shadowgraphed" needle used to play the disc - the needle, used during a transition period to early vinyl discs, was "pre-worn" to fit the groove properly.

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