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Front Page Drama - Pgm 168

September 9th, 2010

Note:  This program contains racial stereotyping themes that may be offensive to some listeners.

I have a certain fondness for "Front Page Drama", the long-running quarter hour program syndicated by Hearst Newspapers from the 30s well into the 1950s.  The shows can be wonderfully sensationalistic and odd, but is short enough to not wear out its welcome.  I recently obtained a cache of "Front Page Drama" discs from the 1930s, probably the best period in the show's history, and will drop in a few now and again.

transcription label

Program 168, distributed for broadcast the week of July 11, 1936, is "Mrs. Dodd's Defense", adapted from an "American Weekly" article titled "Wives Mustn't Shoot Their Husbands".  It's a little piece that paints defense lawyers as pretty shady characters and has a passionate murder to give the story some tabloid appeal.

The show was transferred from an original Langlois & Wentworth, NYC/Hearst Newspapers Victrolac transcription pressed by RCA, matrix number MS 102185-1.

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