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Front Page Drama - Pgm 70 - The Night of Nights

April 20th, 2008

Another episode of "Front Page Drama", dating from circa July 1934.  Program 70, called "The Night of Nights", looks at a businessman who is being duped by a fake medium who is exposed by the businessman's partner and a professor.  The play is a fictionalized story based on an article in that week's "American Weekly" magazine that dealt with new scientific techniques being used by fake mediums.  Note that the sound and overall volume of the show improves as it progresses.

"Front Page Drama" (at least the 1930s episodes) is one of my favorite series.  The stories are sometimes hokey and melodramatic, but are really well written little 15 minute pieces and you can often recognize well-known radio actors in bit parts.  As noted in a previous post, the series was sponsored by Hearst newspapers as a way to promote "American Weekly" that was distributed with the papers each week; it was something like the "Parade Magazine" of its day.

In future weeks, I'll be posting more shows from early 1936, when production and distribution of the show shifted from General Broadcasting and Brunswick Records to RCA.

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