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GI Journal - Pgm 12

February 22nd, 2009

"GI Journal" was one of several shows, like "Command Performance", recorded especially for our fighting troops during World War II.  There's the usual mix of fast paced comedy and music, but "GI Journal" loosely uses the format of the host editing a newspaper.

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Program 12 in the series from October 9, 1943 features host Bing Crosby with announcer Harry Mitchell, Ish Kabibble offering poems and Arthur Q. Bryan with advice to the lovelorn, along with comedy Jerry Collonna, songs from Georgia Carroll, and John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra.  Bing kicks off the show with "Thank Your Lucky Stars".  Mel Blanc plays a GI trying out for a position as a Supply Sergeant and the Mad Russian and Bing do a routine about a salvage operation.

Our mp3 was dubbed directly from an original AFRS vinyl transcription.

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