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Globe Theatre - Pgm 166

January 22nd, 2010

"Globe Theatre", hosted by Herbert Marshall, was a half-hour AFRS drama series that drew on recordings of shows such as "This is My Best" and preserving some rare material.

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Program 166 in the series was originally broadcast on "This is My Best" on September 19, 1944 on CBS.  We hear an adaptation of Gerswhin's "Porgy and Bess" with many members of the show's original cast.  Heard on the program are host Herbert Marshall, William Franklin, Etta Moten, Warren Coleman, Edward Matthews, Avon Long, Georgette Harvey, Harriet Jackson, Alma Millie Hubbard, and the Eva Jesse Choir.  The broadcast was produced and directed by Norman Corwin.  The show runs a little short so we hear an excerpt of next week's program ""The Odyssey of Runyan Jones" by Norman Corwin.

The program was transferred directly from an original AFRS Navy Department vinyl transcription.  The date is from the disc matrix.

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