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Guest Star - Pgm 680 - April 3, 1960

March 11th, 2017

Here’s another late OTR era episode of the long running Treasury Department public service program, “Guest Star”.

Program 680 in the series features singer Felicia Saunders backed by Harry Sosnik’s Orchestra.  The announcer is Del Sharbutt.

I won’t tell you what the first song is that Saunders performs - you’ll have to listen and find out yourself.  It’s one of the most bizarre arrangements of a well known show tune that I think I’ve ever heard.  Keep in mind, though, that the show this song came from was still on Broadway and hadn’t been made into one of the biggest musicals of the sixties - back in 1960, it was just another song from another Broadway show that could be shaped and rearranged by a variety of recording artists.

The show was transferred from an original 16” vinyl microgroove Treasury Department transcription. 


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