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Guest Star - Pgm 78

November 11th, 2018

Update, 11.19.19 - Listener Joe Salerno thinks the opening tune is "El Relicario".

Kicking off the shows this week, we drop in again on the Treasury Department to hear some music and a pitch for US Savings Bonds.

In program 78 of the series, pianist Jose Iturbi is joined by announcer Win Elliot and Harry Sonic and the Savings Bond Orchestra.  The program kicks off with a Spanish number arranged by Sosnik that I can’t quite make out the name of, and Iturbi performs a piece by Debussy.  The show was released the week of September 19, 1948.

Our mp was transferred from an original Treasury Department vinyl transcription, matrix number FS-ABC-SB-78 D-28762, manufactured by Allied Record.

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