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Here’s to Romance - Pgm 52

June 25th, 2010

We've been listening to a few episodes of "Here's to Romance" over the past few months.  The show, hosted by Jim Ameche, was a half-hour of light music originally heard on CBS.

transcription label

This week's episode includes a regular feature heard on the program - Robert Ripley drops by to tell a "Believe It or Not" story with a special guest.  Program 52 of the series on the Armed Forces Radio Service, originally heard May 31, 1945 on the network, features a story about the only  solider to receive the citations of the boot, the fish and the catepillar from his fellow soldiers.  (You'll have to listen to the episode to find out what that means if you don't know already.)  The first song on the show is "I Finally Got That Kiss".  In addition to Robert Ripley and host Jim Ameche, Larry Douglas, Ray Bloch and His Orchestra, guest Marian Hutton are also heard on the program.

The show was transferred from an original AFRS transcription and the date is from the disc matrix.  The program appears to not be circulating among otr collectors.

The remaining shows I have in the "Here's to Romance" series all include Ripley and "Believe It or Not" guests, so stay tuned for some intriguing guests!

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