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Holiday greetings - last posts of the year, comments, copyright

December 19th, 2010

I'm putting up the last set of posts before Christmas - a new set of shows will go up sometime around New Year's.  Thanks to everyone for your kind words of support, donations and corrections to the listings over the past year.

Some comments received in the past week are worth mentioning.  Tom identified the quartet singing the jingles in the Life of Riley tv production discs as the Sportsmen, who, of course, worked on the "Jack Benny Show".  David, in the comments for "The Eddy Duchin Show - Pgm 12", noted he couldn't find program 1 of the series that I had posted on the blog some time ago; the show wasn't tagged properly, so it should show up now if you click on the category for "Eddy Duchin" on the right of the screen.  Finally, I'll say I'm amazed that a post I put up in 2008 is still getting comments - many people seem to remember "The Great Crepitation Contest" from their childhood.

Around the web, people are still talking about the Radio Spirits takedown notices to archive.org earlier this year.  Folks are still talking about the notices on the archives.org OTR message boards and there are still several shows not part of the takedown notices that have been removed by the people who uploaded them, fearful they might be a notice.  There's also an interesting blog post I ran into recently that gives another overview of the notices and the problems with otr copyright questions.

Have a safe holiday, everyone - see you in 2011.

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