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How About That - Pgm 1

April 22nd, 2017

This week, we hear the first of a couple of episodes of an odd little series, “How About That”, hosted by Gregory Abbott. Goldin dates the show to 1949.

The series is similar to “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”, with more of a slant on science and industry.  The stories in program one concentrate on spring.  The first story is about “Overhand Joe”, an automated baseball pitching machine used in spring training.  Seed companies are coating their seeds in the same color as the flowers that will bloom.  Experiments in growing grass for golf courses makes advances for home lawns.  A special guest talks about materials made from the then-new material, latex foam rubber.

Our mp3 was transferred from an original sixteen inch vinyl transcription syndicated by the Fought Company, 342 Madison Avenue, New York, matrix number 3131.

I’ve never seen anything other than programs 1 and 2 circulating from this series - I wonder if these were just demonstration programs for a series that never made it to air or if these are just more commonly found because they were used for demonstration purposes and more widely circulated than the series itself.

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