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How Not to Ship a Transcription

December 3rd, 2017

Today's sad arrival in the mail and the packaging it came in. Please shed a tear for my broken invitation to the NY World's Fair.

Believe it or not, after several years of receiving radio transcriptions and records by mail, this is only the second one I've received that was broken or damaged in transit.

If you're wanting to ship a transcription, keep in mind that many of these discs are both larger than modern vinyl records (and more suseptable to bending when placed in shipping bins) and made of composite plastics that break when they are bent.

The best way to ship a transcription is to place the disc between two or four pieces of cardboard, as this seller did, but to take the additional step of putting that "sandwich" in a larger box, surrounded by packing material.

This particular broadcast is listed at Goldin's website, but I haven't seen a transfer circulating among collectors.  Here's hoping the one listed at Goldin still exists, unbroken, and can be transferred in the future.


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