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Leatherneck Legends - Pgm #1 - The King’s Error

April 25th, 2008

"Leatherneck Legends" was a dramatic public service program intended to boost recruitment for the Marine Corps by enacting famous stories from the Corps's history. In this episode, "The King's Mistake", a self-declared "King" on an island finds out the meaning of "American citizen" when he robs and kills a merchant ship trader. The recruiting announcement for the Marines would have been added by a local announcer; the host of the show is Tiny Ruffner. An Orthacoustic transcription produced by NBC's Radio Recording Division and pressed by RCA, matrix WD7-MM-4203.

This pressing would appear to date from the late 1940s, judging by the matrix number, but it may be a re-release of the show. The RadioGOLDINdex lists this series as being pre-war and I'd tend to agree, based on the dramatic style and sound quality.

My apologies for the "thuds" in the first couple of minutes of the program - the disc had some heat damage and is slightly warped.

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