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Lest We Forget - Series B - Pgm 8

July 3rd, 2010

We haven't heard "Lest We Forget" in a while and the July 4th holiday seems like a good time to revisit the series.

What could be more American and patriotic than Superman?  Or, at least, an actor associated with the Superman radio series ...

transcription label

Program 8 of Series B of this public service series produced by the Institute for Democratic Education in New York and syndicated in the late 1940s is a little drama called "Chain Reaction".  It stars Jackson Beck as a reporter investigating the story of a nuclear scientist who saved others in an act of heroism.  Beck, of course, is the announcer on radio's long-running "Adventures of Superman" program.

The show was captured from an original vinyl Orthacoustic transcription pressed by NBC/RCA, matrix number ND7-MM-6161.

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