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Monday Morning Headlines - December 28, 1947

June 15th, 2017

And here’s a final disc of time-shifted network programming from a collection of “throwaway” transcriptions from WHBC in Akron, Ohio.

“Monday Morning Headlines” was an ABC radio network program, touting itself as giving you the headlines you would be reading about in the next morning’s papers.  The program was sponsored by Airwick, “the little bottle with the magic wick”.

Truman will sign the Republican sponsored anti-inflation bill tomorrow, despite his reservations about the bill.  Maine senator encourages cooperation by Republicans and Democrats on legislation to fight inflation.  British government has confirmed a trade agreement with the Russian government.  An update on the Friendship Train.  Italy’s former king, in exile in Egypt, has died in Egypt.  The Manila typhoon is the worst in forty-two years.  Flyers hope to rescue survivors from a B29 that crashed in Alaska.  Burma is becoming independent from Britain.  The editor of the “New Republic” has resigned because of the political ambitions of Henry Wallace.

The program was transferred from an original sixteen inch Audiodisc lacquer recorded at WHBC, Akron.  I haven't found any other examples of this series, but some may be floating around out there.

My apologies for the rough sound on this disc.



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