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My Son Jeep - April 26, 1953

January 10th, 2009

Wrapping up our short run of this rare early 50s sitcom, we drop in for the last time on the Allison Family of Grove Falls.

This week, we listen to the broadcast of April 26, 1953, where Jeep is sent some money for opening a bank account by an aunt.  Of course, Jeep starts thinking about things like compound interest, access to his money, and all the things he can do with ten dollars and winds up turning Doctor. Allison's office into a bank.

transcription label

This episode of "My Son Jeep" appears to already be in circulation, but this mp3 has been taken directly from a set of NBC reference acetates.

I still haven't heard any episodes of the 15 minute version of "My Son Jeep" that was broadcast a couple of years later on CBS and I haven't run into any episodes of the television version that ran concurrently with the NBC series.

I find it curious that not more episodes of this series have cropped up, since it was broadcast on AFRS.  Perhaps more will come out of the woodwork eventually.

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