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My Son Jeep - Pgm 1

November 22nd, 2008

"My Son Jeep" appears to be a "lost" series with perhaps only one episode floating around old time radio circles.  I hope to correct that with a half-dozen examples of the program in coming weeks.

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The show is a lighthearted family comedy in the vein of radio's "Father Knows Best" about a widow, Doctor Robert Allison or "Pop", his mischievous ten year old son, "Jeep", and his 13 year old daughter, Peggy.  The series was originally broadcast on NBC radio and television in 1953 as a half-hour sitcom; it would return to radio on CBS in 1955-56 in a 15 minute format.  Donald Cook plays "Pop" and Martin Houston stars as "Jeep".

This week, we present the first program of the series, originally broadcast January 25, 1953 on NBC.  In this episode, Jeep is smitten with a new substitute teacher at school, Mrs. Miller, eventually convincing Pop to hire her as an assistant in his office.  Of course, with Jeep things are never really that simple and Pop has to straighten out a mess before the happy ending.  The series is a good example of the 1950s trend towards more "Americana", "slice of life" comedy on radio and television and away from the "one liner" topical urban humor of shows like Jack Benny or Fred Allen.

One distinctive feature of this disc is the collection of music cues at the end.  Often, AFRS would use a specially recorded version of the series theme song to fill out time at then of the show since the commercials were deleted.  "My Son Jeep" seems to have used a collection of library music cues rather than a specially recorded music, so AFRS just edited the cues together to fill out the time.  (Trust me, if you listen to all six shows I'll be posting, you'll get very familiar with them.)

The show was transferred from a set of vinyl AFRS transcription in near mint condition.

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