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My Son Jeep - Pgm 7

January 2nd, 2009

This week, our next to last episode of the rare 1950s radio sitcom, "My Son Jeep".

Program 7, as broadcast on the Armed Forces Radio Service, deals with Jeep seeing an ad for a physique building course, sort of like one of those Charles Atlas ads in the comic books, and deciding he's going to become a bodybuilder.  The program was originally broadcast on NBC, probably around March, 1953; it appears to be a "lost" episode of the series.

transcription label

The show is interesting for a look at the popular stereotypes of bodybuilders at the time, which associated them more with circus strongmen than the modern conception we have today of someone like Steve Reeves or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Our mp3 was transferred directly from an original set of vinyl AFRS transcriptions.  I've got one more show in the series due up next week from an original NBC reference acetate.

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