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Mystery Playhouse - Pgm 129

November 17th, 2008

Once again we offer up an episode of "Mystery Playhouse", a "catch-all" Armed Forces Radio series dedicated to mystery and detective shows that often includes some interesting uncirculated or rare material.   I love the AFRS openings of this series with a host that's a bit of a cross between the "Suspense" "Man in Black" and "Inner Sanctum"'s Raymond - "Hello creeps!"

transcription label

Program 129 is a rebroadcast of NBC's "Molle Mystery Theater" from October 5, 1945.  In this episode, "Angel Face", a murdering woman finds her latest victim returning from the grave.

The show was transferred directly from an original AFRS transcription.  Note that there's groove damage in the first half-minute or so of the disc, but the sound is quite good otherwise.

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