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Nonsense and Melody - Pgm 19

July 2nd, 2008

Once again, we dive into a couple of episodes of "Nonsense and Melody", a Transco syndicated program from circa 1935-36 featuring comedians Gill and Doemling on a ship taking a world cruise.  The show is transferred from a red vinyl Bruce Eells and Associates transcription probably pressed in the 1940s.

In program 19, the ship is headed for Egypt.  Charlie Wellman sings "Alabamy Bound" in an interesting style that sounds like a cross between Al Jolson and Rudy Valee; the orchestra plays "Bugle Call Rag"; Jean Cowan sings "Mr and Mrs is the Name" and the Jack Tars do a fun rendition of "Cross Eyed Kelly".  The comedy sketch is on Cleopatra and Marc Anthony.

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