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One Night Stand - Pgm 571

December 1st, 2018

Now, a bit of music, courtesy of “One Night Stand”, Armed Forces Radio’s regular program of big band remotes, recorded from various broadcast sources.

Program 571 in the series features “Harold Stern, His Stradivarius and His Orchestra” from Casino in the Park at the Essex House, 160 Central Park South in New York City.  The first tune on the show is “Candy”, by vocalist Francis Lane.

I haven’t found much online about Stern online except references to several popular recordings he made in the early 1930s.  There was also this photo of Stern at Getty Images where he shows off a special violin he had constructed for use on radio broadcasts.

There’s no date in the matrix - just a notation of “SSC 4-18-1”, so perhaps someone more familiar with these codes can provide some insight.  I think the disc may date from 1945, since other discs in this batch from from this time period.  (Is the disc the network broadcast of April 18, 1945?). The first half of the show has an audience and the second half sound different, so it might be a compiled show.

The show is transferred from an original 16” vinyl Armed Forces Radio transcription.

Again, many thanks to listener William Harris for his donation of this disc to the collection!