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Pick and Pat - August 8, 1938

September 13th, 2009

This week's look at the minstrel comedy show "Pick and Pat", from August 8, 1938, is curious for several reasons.

First off, this series of discs are actual airchecks and this week's show is marred by an electrical storm, reminding us that listeners to old time radio shows on AM radio didn't always hear the programs the way we do today through FM, satellite radio or the Internet.

transcription label

Also, as in other discs I obtained from this series, the disc cutters captured part of the shows on WABC/CBS before and after "Pick and Pat" - this week, after the minstrel hjinks of our comedy duo, you get to hear the opening of the "Mercury Theater".

Now that's going from low brow to high brow in short order, isn't it?

We hear parts 1 and 3 of the program only; the second disc for the episode is unfortunately lost.  In the opening routine, Pick plays his harmonica and Edward Roecker sings "Dust".   In the second half of the program, Pick and Pat do a routine about selling strawberries.  As usual, we get to hear plugs for their sponsor, Model and Dill's Best tobacco.

The show was transferred from an original WABC aircheck laquer recorded by Advertiser's Recording Service, New York for the series producer, Frank Mcmahon.  The program was previously lost.

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