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Playhouse of Favorites - Pgm 50 - Enoch Arden

August 8th, 2008

Here's another episode of "Your Playhouse of Favorites", a program syndicated by NBC consisting of dramas based on classic literature.

Program 50 in the series, dating from circa 1949-50, is "Enoch Arden", based on the poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson.  It's the story of a sailor who leaves his wife behind to earn money and make a better life for them as he travels the high seas; of course, life goes on while he's away.  Regrets, heartbreak and much emoting ensue.

The program was transferred from an original set of vinyl NBC Radio Recordings transcriptions pressed by RCA, matrix numbers  ND6-MM-9219 and ND6-MM-9220-1.

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