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Reno Rides the Range - Pgm 3 Part 2

February 1st, 2019

Now a real obscurity on the blog.

Usually, I don’t post partial broadcasts on the blog, but I can’t find any copies of this show in circulation and it is historically significant.

“Reno Rides the Range” was a syndicated series from 1949 starring Reno Browne, an equestrian and actress who appeared in several Western b-movies at Monogram.  As far as I can tell, this is the only Western adventure radio show that featured a female character in the lead role.  (Wikipedia notes that Reno Browne and Dale Evans are the only Western actresses to have comic books based on their characters.)

In this post we hear the second half of program three in the series.  The plot concerns Reno helping track down a group of outlaws.

I've seen information around the web that there were 13 episodes in the full series.  It would appear that Reno syndicated the show herself to local stations where she appeared at rodeos and other events.  She passed away in 1991 - the discs might be floating around out there with her family or collectors of Western movie memorabilia.  Anyone ever see one?

The program was transferred from an original 16” red vinyl transcription.

In the next post, the other side of the disc.

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