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Rosemary - May 8, 1947

May 7th, 2010

Sometimes, the right talent comes together and the stars align, creating a perfect moment of artistry.  That's what we have right here in this post - Old Time Radio magic.

From May 8, 1947, originally broadcast on CBS, we hear the final installment in our mini-run of "Rosemary", sponsored by Ivory Snow.  You can catch up on the previous two blog entries from the soap here.

transcription label

As we join our story in progress, Rosemary's amnesiac husband has remembered that he has another wife and a child that came into his life before he met Rosemary.  In last week's episode, Bill had found his "old" wife and Rosemary returned home from her search for the "other woman" to find she had lost her job, but still had the support of her friends and family.

In this episode, Bill Roberts arrives at a farm in Meadville with Audrey, the "other woman", and their child.  There's an epidemic in the city and Bill is concerned that their daughter might be ill.  As our episode begins, Bill and Audrey settle down in the house.

Audrey doesn't seem too happy about being on the farm and seems a bit, shall we say, on edge.  Just what is Audrey hiding?

I think you'll agree that the actress playing Audrey gives a memorable tour-de-force performance as the most irresponsible mother of all time.

The show includes some great musical commercials for Ivory Snow, including one about "Heartless Harry" and another about "Gorgeous Geraldine".  As usual, we get our little reminder to save our used chicken fat.

This previously lost/uncirculated episode of the series was transferred from an original Radio Recorders lacquer transcription; the label has a typo in the date, listing it as "1957", and is notated "Network".


  • kylistener

    Rand, that has got to be my favorite soap opera episode ever. Love the “evil mom” — I’m definitely sharing that one with the family next time we are on a car trip. Thanks for sharing this & all the other treasures you unearth for us here.

    May 13, 2010 at 5:48 pm
  • KL from NYC

    I had to leave a comment about these: I haven’t really enjoyed any episodes of the OTR soap operas in circulation until I heard these three. These were a scream; I can’t believe that this was considered the most realistic soap opera at the time — I can’t believe it took a year to inch along that far. Are there any more episodes in public circulation (other than the listen-only episode from the Wikipedia link)? It’s obvious that they had everything and everyone set up for future disasters. I’ll bet the mother married the doctor and then the first husband showed up. Do you know if “Just Plain Bill” (I’m pretty sure that’s the title) was a spin-off of some kind? I think that might have been a pharmaceutical sponsor (Arrid deodorant, maybe) — it’s been a long time since I’ve heard those, so I might not have the right facts about it.

    Jun 24, 2010 at 6:21 pm