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Selling the Smiths of Hollywood

April 16th, 2008

You'll mostly be hearing my transcription discs and the actual shows that radio stations were putting on the air, but once in a while we'll also delve into some other aspects of the business or technical side of old time radio.

In this post, a promotional flyer distributed to stations to drum up business for the early 1950s syndicated sitcom, "The Smiths of Hollywood". "Smiths" is competent and seemed to get some wide distribution, but didn't compare to the big name shows on the networks even if "Smiths" cost $10,000 per episode to produce.

The advertising is a little deceptive - Lucille Ball, William Holden and some of the other stars depicted appeared as guests on the shows and weren't regulars in the series.

Large versions: page one - two - three - four

  • Ryan

    Love what you are doing here, both the advertisement with this post and the wonderful transcriptions previous to this one - I particularly enjoyed the Suspense episode and the comedy of the ‘Two Daffodils’ team. Its without a doubt some pretty cheesy stuff at times, but one also has to admire the timing and flair they pull the stuff off with, very reminiscent as you say of my notions of Vaudeville and such.

    Very refreshing to hear some new transcriptions; all too often I don’t bother with these podcasts because they are merely posting .mp3’s that are already available widely on the net. In my mind, a podcast should be trying to do something beyond that and clearly your podcast is doing just that.

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that someone is enjoying your work!

    Apr 19, 2008 at 9:14 am