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So You Think It’s New - Audition

July 10th, 2010

Here's a little audition program I haven't found documented anywhere.  Wilfred J. Funk, of Funk and Wagnall's fame, published a popular book with this title in 1937.  The concept was to explore new trends and fads and show that they're weren't really new at all.  The current fad of painting your nails?  Nudism?  Been there, done that.

transcription label

The audition gives an overview of the series with some quirky and interesting facts and a brief sketch about an ancient Egyptian inventor who came up with unbreakable glass.  The series itself would focus on one story or theme.  The recording includes ads for a Dallas jewelry store, likely to demonstrate how local continuity would work for the ads by the sposor, Gruen watches.

The show dates from 1938, which Funk mentions during the program.  It was transferred from an original one-sided Transamerican Broadcasting and Television Victrolac transcription pressed by RCA, matrix number 023648-1A.

My thanks to listener Michael Utz for providing some funding towards the auction where I won this one.

Anyone ever see any other episodes of the series?  Did it survive beyond an audition?

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