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Stars for Defense - OPS Series - Pgm 1

May 30th, 2009

Let's pause for some music and information about how you can help the economy.

Here's program 1 in the series "Stars for Defense", dating from the early 1950s.  There were two government series with this title; one produced for the Civil Defense Administration and the other shilling for the Office of Price Stabilization and our show comes from the OPS series.

transcription label

The Office of Price Stabilization was a successor a World War II government agency intended to help the government fight  inflation because of the rationing and disruption to supplies that occurred because of the War.  The OPS was formed during the Korean War for a similar purpose and both agencies are the origin of those references you hear in old radio shows or see in old newspapers and magazines to "ceiling prices".

Program 1 of the series features music from Gordon Macrae and the Norman Luboff Choir with Carmen Dragon and his Orchestra. First song is "It's a Grand Night for Singing".  Songs include  "It's a Grand Night for Singing" and a new tune called "Monotonous".

The show was digitized from original Allied Record vinyl transcription, matrix number D-88783.

Special thanks to Michael Utz for donating the disc to my collection.

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