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Suspense - AFRS Pgm 30 - Wet Saturday

August 13th, 2008

In this post, "Wet Saturday", originally broadcast December 16, 1943 on CBS's "Suspense".  The episode is a very British black-humored story about a murdered curate and a cast of eccentrics who may have killed him.  The show stars Charles Laughton and also features character actor Hans Conreid trying out his best British accent.  This is the AFRS version of the show, distributed as number 30 in the AFRS "Suspense" series.

"Wet Saturday" reminds me a bit of one of Hitchcock's lesser-known films, "The Trouble With Harry".  There's the whole premise of having a kind of "mixed up" murder, but also a kind of droll attitude about the killing that makes it seem like something rather bothersome and inconvenient.  According to the Goldin index, the story was performed on "Suspense" in 1942, 1947, and 1948 in addition to the 1943 version heard here.

The program was transferred from an original AFRS vinyl disc.  The AFRS opening announcer is our old friend Howard Duff and there's a five minute classical music fill at the end of an unknown work conducted by Donald Vorhees.

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