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Tex and Jinx - September 3, 1947

November 17th, 2008

Tex McCrary and Jinx Falkenburg were hosts of an early light entertainment morning program that mixed chat with interesting guests with music, much in the manner of television's "Regis and Kathy Lee".

This program, from September 3, 1947, is from a summer replacement run of the series that was aired in evening primetime on NBC.  The episode features Broadway star Nancy Walker very early in her career; tennis star Jack Kramer; and a Russian actress and singer, Kirov Petroskiva, who was a sniper during World War II and was hoping to make a career in the States.  The show was sponsored by Ipana Toothpaste and Ingram Shaving Cream.

Jinx Falkenberg was a model and actress and, with her journalist and public relations specialist husband Tex McCrary, started their popular morning show in 1946 and published columns in the New York Herald Tribune.  You might remember Nancy Walker from her work in 1970s sitcoms, but I like to recall her only directorial credit, helming the film "Can't Stop the Music, a major studio flop that was a vehicle for the Village People.

The segment with Kirov Petroskiva is quite interesting; she talks about entertainment and life in the Soviet Union in the early days of what we'd later call the Cold War.  Petroskiva was one of a handful to Russian women who married GI's during the War that were being allowed citizenship in this country.  One wonders what happened to her after she immigrated to the US.

The program was transferred from an original line check Audiodisc acetate recorded at an unknown local NBC affiliate.

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